Priya’s marriage plans shock her family

Jai hasn’t got that look on his face because Priya’s actually eaten something… It’s because she just announced to everyone that she wants an arranged marriage… And, after that, no one wanted to eat. What was supposed to be a nice family lunch quickly crumbled into yet another family discussion along the lines of, ‘How do you solve a problem like Priya?’. And there’s no easy answer. Priya’s convinced she can be married off into the family life she can’t have with David and has ordered Rishi to find her a husband. Easy. Well, maybe not…

Adam won’t easily find the answers to his problems, either. No matter how his mum paints it, his family portrait is not what he thought it was. And one of his half-brothers is Ross, who doesn’t solve problems, he causes them. Like when he suggests to angry Adam that they steal vodka from the cellar of the Woolpack. Adam thinks that’s a great idea – but, of course, it’s not.

Someone’s been stealing money from the Dingle pot and Lisa thinks it’s Sam. Oh, no. What Lisa and Zak don’t need right now is Sam going off the rails, as they’ve been given permission to appeal Belle’s sentence.