Priya’s secret is out!

Following her fall in the cafe, Priya’s on a drip in hospital while the news about her eating disorder begins to spread. As Jai steels himself to tell Georgia and Rishi the truth about their daughter, David’s angry to learn that Alicia already knew about Priya’s pregorexia and has been keeping him in the dark. Will this latest revelation drive a wedge between the couple?

Forced to lie to Zak yet again, it’s clear Belle is struggling to cope with the burden of guilt. After telling Chas about the latest line they’re spinning to Zak, Cain’s intrigued when he hears Dom is thinking of leaving the village…

As Declan helps Charity to take Jai to the cleaners in the divorce, neither of them realise just how close Megan and Jai have become. Annoyed that her brother is signing over a third of their business to his new love, will Megan blow the whistle on the devious pair’s scheme?