Priya’s texter makes himself known

Priya’s still receiving nasty texts and, believing Alister to be responsible, resolves to expel him from the school. She’s shocked to discover, however, that the real culprit is school board member and Alister’s father, Brian, who’s keen to pick up where Paul Robinson left off. Priya’s disgusted and upset and it’s not long before Ajay discovers the reason. He reports Brian to Matt who has words with Brian, resolving the issue. Ajay reassures Priya and, realising he still cares for his wife, suggests they attend counselling together.

Lauren organises a family dinner to celebrate Mason’s 18th birthday but is unaware of the friction between her son and her husband. Meanwhile, Mason visits Lucas’s garage to look for work, only to find Chris being threatened by Ralphie. Mason frightens Ralphie off in exchange for Chris putting in a good word with Lucas.

And Sonya is exhausted by Angie’s constant badgering, though Georgia tries to defend her aunt, pointing out she’s just trying to be helpful. Then Sonya catches Angie going through her handbag looking for evidence of drug taking and it’s the final straw. Angie is ordered out of the house but now Sonya has to face Toadie and explain why she’s kicked his mother out.