Priya is stunned at Ajay buying the Ramsay house and furious that he did so without consulting her. He tries to justify his actions by claiming he is providing a home for his family, but she’s still upset he continues to shut her out of major decisions. Then she realises he’s been affected by his election loss and tries to convince herself it’s a positive move, though she’s still worried that things aren’t quite right with their marriage.

Rhys hears that he’s been asked to apply to go away for a placement in Japan, a great career move for him, and Vanessa is happy to help with his application. Then he discovers that the placement is for three months and, realising he doesn’t want to be away from Vanessa for that long, he decides not to apply. Vanessa is touched, but insists he can’t pass up the opportunity and Rhys eventually agrees. Later, however, he announces that he wants her to come with him. He’s shocked when she turns the offer down!

And Toadie sets up a Twitter feed to track Sonya’s pregnancy, to the horror of an embarrassed Callum.