Having witnessed the tense moment between Kate and Noah, but still unsure of the cause of their conflict, Sophie tries to get to the bottom of it. With neither party giving anything away, she resorts to stealing Noah’s notebook. Sophie’s shocked to see the evidence of Noah’s crush on her older sister – will her reaction finally expose Kate’s secret indiscretion?

Mal arranges another rendezvous with Jade, but their night of passion comes to an abrupt end when Susan and Sonya arrive home unexpectedly. Forced to hide, they overhear Sonya bemoaning Jade’s habit of only dating emotionally unavailable men.

When Susan and Sonya move on to discussing Mal’s marriage, Jade asks him if he loves his wife, then why is he getting involved with her, before leaving. Back home, Jade takes a message for Rhys – his interview has been moved forward to first thing the next morning, but when Mal arrives, the message is soon forgotten.

On a high after hearing Kyle’s business won’t be sold out from under him, Dane celebrates the win with a night out. Rhys is happy to be his wing-man but when he violates the ‘bro-code’, hurt Dane decides to teach him a lesson, resulting in Rhys getting more drunk than he realises. However, when Rhys misses his interview for the Surgical Training Program the next morning, Dane realises he made a mistake.