With Chrissie and Alicia having rowed in public, most people in the village now know something fishy went on at Farrers on Alicia’s birthday last week. But Alicia’s version of events – that she drunkenly woke up from a doze to find obsessed 14-year-old Lachlan assaulting her – is not the story that seems to be doing the rounds.

Determined to front it out, Alicia turns up for her shift in the Woolie. But when Leyla overhears Georgia air her opinion on the ordeal, Alicia’s protective sister slaps her! To make matters worse, David then arrives with the police, who want a word with Alicia. She’s stunned when they tell her they’re dropping the case as there’s not enough evidence.

At the B&B, Val has a terrible cough which is causing Finn concern. Knowing the HIV sufferer has to keep on top of her health to stay well, Finn talks frankly in a bid to get his boss to see a doctor.

Money worries continue to hound Pearl, who dips into the vets’ petty cash tin.