Basketball Captain Chris’s confidence is knocked when, on the morning of the semi-final – his first game since coming out – his team-mates question whether he should play. Chris considers dropping out but when Michael and Summer pledge their support, he’s convinced to play.

However, word has spread about Chris being gay and despite scoring a number of hoops, his own team mates don’t include him in their celebrations. When Chris is pushed too far, he lashes out and a fight ensues. Andrew stops Summer getting involved and Michael watches on in horror, knowing David, from the school board, has seen everything. Chris is suspended and his parents have had enough and throw him out.

Michael is stunned to discover Libby has reported him to the school Board. Libby makes it clear that, after everything that’s happened, she won’t hesitate to stand up for herself anymore. He tells her she should have come to him first and she reminds him that she has, time and time again but he never listens.

Desperate for some time alone with Sonya, loved-up Toadie arranges to take the day off, encouraging Sonya to join him. But they struggle to get a moment’s peace with constant interruptions from Lyn, Callum and Sophie.

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