Aaron’s still dating Flynn but he’s still thinking about Jackson. He finally opens up to Flynn, telling him how he’s struggling with all that has happened in the past few months and can’t get Jackson out of his mind. There’s disappointment written all over Flynn’s sweet face but he appreciates Aaron’s honesty. Then it’s Jackson’s turn to hear some heartfelt words. Aaron goes to see him and tells him what he told Flynn: that he can’t stop thinking about him. Jackson’s always telling Aaron to tell the truth so here it is, says Aaron, ‘I love you’ – straight from his mouth to Jackson’s heart.

Nicola loves Jimmy and is thrilled to get news from the police that they have found him – alive. He’s in a hospital in Nottingham and the police want her to get there as soon as possible… Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good.

Farmer John doesn’t like the sound of Adam’s backchat. The farm boy is happier working at Home Farm for Declan than on Butler’s Farm with his dad – not least because Declan has a Lotus sports car that he lets Adam roar around in. Well, it beats bouncing around on a tractor.

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