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It’s Ashley’s birthday and Sally is determined to hijack it… Laurel’s specially ordered present arrives but Sally gets to it first and hides it. Then she gives Ashley a leather-bound Bible and offers to take the family out to dinner. But Ashley says Laurel has something planned and Sally’s quietly furious that she’s not invited.

When Laurel later goes to the church to deal with some parish work, she finds Sally already there. Angry, Laurel confronts Sally about her constant interference but Sally suggests they talk about whatever problems Laurel might have. When Laurel comments on Sally’s marriage she can’t keep up the act and has to leave. But on her way out of the church, Sally moves a heater close to a curtain then locks Laurel inside…

At the Farm Shop, Doug tells Leyla not to let Nathan get the better of her. If she quits, he’ll have the last laugh and does she want to give him that satisfaction? More to the point, where will she get another job? But has Leyla got the strength to stay and fight?

One person definitely in the mood for a fight is Terry: he’s had enough of Val messing up his business. But will he like her solution to his grievance?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Having recovered from her Bonfire Night burns, Laurel’s got another fire to fight, thanks to Sally. As she goes to leave the church, the vestry curtain goes up in flames. She races to the door but it’s locked – and the fire has cut her off from her mobile phone on the desk. She rings the church bell and Zak races to the scene. Sally’s there and tells him to dial 999.

While he does that, she unlocks the church door. Ashley arrives and panics when the bell stops ringing. Surely that means only one thing? Frantic, he rushes through the flames, followed by Zak and, together, they rescue Laurel, who’s unconscious. Have they got to her in time or has Sally finally got rid of her rival for Ashley’s affections?

Having decided to stay and fight for her job, Leyla decides she has to put Nathan in his place. She goes to Home Farm, tells him he has no proof she ever stole any money and she’s not quitting. Then, because he’s earned it, she gives him a swift kick where he keeps his brains and leaves him in agony on the floor.

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