Ha! Psycho Sally was never going to leave Laurel and Ashley alone to resume playing happy families, no matter how hard Ashley prayed that she would. Ashley and Laurel are blaming poor old Sandy for leaving the gas stove on, losing keys and forgetting to shut the front door but seasoned Sally watchers will suspect an evil force at work… Sure enough, as Laurel and Ashley happily return home from an evening in The Woolpack, Sally is watching them – and she’s got that crazy look in her eyes.

So, is it a coincidence that Edna’s beloved Tootsie, missing for days, is found in a bag by the river? Or should we believe that Carl’s kids Thomas and Anya have a cruel streak? And should we detect the work of a bunny-boiler when an anonymous customer accuses Doug of being a dirty old man? Or is he having a mid-life crisis that makes him unsafe around women?

Cain isn’t safe around anyone right now. He’s unhappy about Debbie’s departure and goes ballistic when he finds out Andy knew about her plans. It takes Charity to calm him down with assurances that Debbie won’t be gone for long. Hmmm, it’s going to be longer than they think…

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