Sure enough, as soon as Sally hears Ashley is off to woo back Laurel, she goes all psycho. Well, she tries the begging approach first, but Ashley has seen the light and knows it’s shining on his marriage. He packs Gabby into the car but, they drive off towards a reconciliation with Laurel, they hit an obstacle – Sally. She steps out in front of Ashley’s car and – wham, bam, oh damn! Sally’s lying unconscious in the road. Can Ashley just drag her out of his way – gently, of course – or is he stuck in Emmerdale?

The Wylde world is in a pretty bad way, too. Maisie wants her mum to talk to Will about Mark. But where does she start? The older boys are doing slightly better… Ryan makes a brotherly approach to Nathan, who insults him with references to Ryan dating Maisie before he knew she was his sister. Well, at least they’re talking! And they actually agree on one thing: they hate their father.

Not put off by the marriage woes of others, Charity books the registry office for her wedding to Cain. But she tells Debbie it won’t be a big celebration because they’re broke. Ah, yes, Debbie burned all Cain’s cash, didn’t she…

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