Out of hospital and bustling straight back to Emmerdale, psycho Sally thinks she’s going to settle back in at Edna’s. Oh no she’s not! Edna makes it clear she’s on Ashley’s side now and tells Sally she should leave the village. Very brave, Edna! Sally flashes a glimpse of that crazy look then storms out. Ashley hears that Sally has gone and starts to feel that he’ll be able to get his life back. But Sally is watching Ashley from the B&B and, from the look on her face, the only flower arranging she’ll want to do for him now will be at his grave.

Has Carl got a death wish? He’s told Charity he’s not going to pay her for the driving job she did. Instead of running him down with his own truck, though, Charity talks him into giving her a permanent job, starting with a week’s unpaid trial period. What’s she up to? Well, she and Cain do have a plan to make Carl pay, not just for the job but also for their wedding!

Debbie has inherited that Dingle attraction to money and agrees to go for a drink with Nikhil. But is she attracted to more than his wallet?