Laurel’s gone away and psycho Sally is set to play… With Laurel and Sandy visiting family in Devon with the kids, Ashley is home alone. There’s a knock at the door and unsuspecting Ashley opens it. No! He should have bolted it! Too late, Sally’s inside. She’s desperate, she’s sorry, she wants to confess. And Ashley just can’t say ‘no’. But, of course, he’s going to wish he had…

Rodney, meanwhile, is wishing he had never lied to Sue. He has so far managed to keep her away from anyone who might drop him in it but then she insists they go to The Grange for dinner – where Val likes to mix with the diners. That’s indiscreet Val, his former lover and mother of his son, Paul. Rodders is going to need more than his raffish grin to get him out of this one…

Life’s uncomfortable at Mill Cottage, too. In fact, Jimmy’s finding the tension unbearable. The place just isn’t big enough for Carl, Chas, Thomas, Anya, Scarlett, Jimmy, Nicola and Angelica. Nicola knows that and assures Jimmy that Carl will crack before she does. But she’s overlooking one crucial point: it’s Carl’s house.

*Second episode*

Psycho Sally is still trying to convince Ashley of her remorse over everything she has done – and, let’s face it, she’s been a right nutter and has a lot to be sorry about: she set fire to Laurel – twice; came very close to suffocating Laurel; put a brick through Edna’s window; ruined Laurel and Ashley’s anniversary celebrations… And they’re just the highlights. But it’s Ashley who’s going to be really sorry by the time she’s finished with him…

There’s a lot of sorrow elsewhere in the village, too… Nicola regrets trying to make life easier for everyone at Mill Cottage by creating a rota for use of the living room. Remember how she assured Jimmy that Carl would crack before she does? Well, he doesn’t. He’s furious with Nicola and she storms out.

Rodney’s sorry for lying to Sue – but only after he’s caught out. She discovers he isn’t really a lawyer and walks out. Well, he was never going to be able to keep up the pretence driving around in the Home Farm van, was he?

Little Belle also has a heavy heart. She wants to see her mum but Zak’s prison visit to Lisa doesn’t include her.

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