R.I.P.D. – C4

An enjoyably larky cop buddy movie with a ghostly theme. 3/5 stars

Recently deceased Boston cop Ryan Reynolds joins the ghostly Rest in Peace Department and finds himself partnered with Jeff Bridges’ ornery Old West sheriff. Their job is to nab dead souls (‘deados’) who refuse to leave Earth – and there’s also a dastardly conspiracy to solve too.

Based on a comic-book, this buddy comedy fantasy rolls along merrily on the charms of its stars, while chirpy Mary-Louise Parker and not-to-be-trusted Kevin Bacon have good supporting roles.

Though the script doesn’t always deliver big laughs, there’s a good gag about how Reynolds and Bridges appear to living humans – Bridges is an alluring blonde (Marisa Miller) while Reynolds is an elderly Chinese man (James Hong) – and it’s enjoyably larky entertainment.