Race me or you lose you car!

After telling Denni he won’t race him, Drew is shocked to discover his car has been stolen. If Drew doesn’t race Denni, he’ll never see his car again. Drew decides that the race is back on for that night, with Drew needing to win to get his car back. Ric advises Drew to tell Belle that Lisa is back, but Drew is reluctant to tell his girlfriend about the car race. Dom feeds Belle a concoction of lies in an attempt to drive a wedge between her and Drew so he can get close to Belle himself.

Fisher isn’t finding being back teaching as easy as he thought it would be, with the new school technology proving hard for him to get the hang of. And he’s finding his lack of computer literacy increasingly difficult to hide. Too proud to admit he needs some help to get his head around computer science, Fisher tries a number of ways to surreptitiously pick up some skills, with no success.

Fisher finally has to ask Lucas to tutor him in the basic skills, offering to pay him for each class, but he tries to keep his pride intact by demanding Lucas tells no one about their arrangement.

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