Angus asks Rachel to move in with him. Rachel is surprised, but after Angus piles the pressure on, accepts the offer to move out, telling an angry Karl that he cannot stop her. Karl and Susan discuss their parenting techniques with Susan telling Karl that his approach is pushing Rachel away. But neither can prevent her from packing her bags and leaving Ramsay Street, although it seems that Rachel isn’t too happy to be going either…

After 10 years of avoiding each another, Dan has it out with Lucas, with a dark secret in their past prompting him to believe Lucas’s relationship with Libby is neither innocent nor coincidental. Dan warns Lucas off but Lucas persists in moving in on her. Later, Toadie advises Dan to stop brooding and go after his girl.

Declan’s 18th birthday party spirals out of control as gatecrashers trash Carmella’s house. The teens face a massive clean-up operation, and Declan has to prove to Rebecca just how responsible he really is or risk losing his new car.

Also, Dan is unhappy to see Angus walking Rachel to school and informs her that, with her school marks slipping, she should have a think about what matters to her in life.

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