Rachel and Angus are investigated

After Declan’s revelation about Angus and Rachel, Susan, Libby, Miranda and Steve are called to the school as Daniel launches his investigation. Steve urges Bridget to tell the truth but she sticks to her story. Declan tries to apologise to Bridget for causing her trouble, but she’s unsympathetic.

Angus accuses Declan of making it all up and maintains that Rachel isn’t involved and Rachel lies that she just had a stupid schoolgirl crush on her teacher. It looks as if Daniel will never get to the truth until he tries to bluff both Angus and Rachel. When Rachel finally admits she was Angus’s lover, Daniel is gutted by the hurt he has caused.

Concerned about Richard’s declining health, Karl tries his best to reconnect him with Oliver and Rebecca without breaching confidentiality. However, Karl’s efforts only serve to raise Paul’s suspicions. As Richard lies dying, Paul enters his room and discovers the truth.

Also, Rosie tries but fails to convince Carmella to chase after Marco, even turning up at the airport herself in a bid to persuade him to stay. But Marco boards his plane to Perth anyway.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 22*

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