Rachel and Sam… together at last!

Well, it looks like Samson and Amelia Valentine’s Day card did the trick…eventually! So what if Sam’s “a bit slow”, as Rachel puts it? He’s got a good heart – and she wants a piece of it. After a lot of thinking, Sam goes to see Rachel and tells her wishes he had sent her the Valentine’s card. And that’s enough for Rachel. She kisses Sam and, while it’s not exactly passionate, it’s still full of feeling. And it makes them both very happy.

Jimmy wants to make Edna feel happier and tells her she and Tootsie can live with him, Nicola, Angelica and Thomas while the door he kicked in to rescue her is being fixed. Hmmmm. Is this a good idea? Edna’s not at all sure and Nicola is dead against it. But Jimmy insists and Edna agrees – as long as she’s allowed to help out around the house. This is going to drive Nicola crazy!

Brenda thinks she’s going crazy. Her mind is muddled and she doesn’t even trust herself to babysit Molly. Gennie insists, though, and it’s while she’s there that Brenda consults a medical encyclopaedia (no home of health nut Nikhil’s would be complete without one!). Now she’s really worried!