In pathology, the seven bodies of the victims found underneath Joe Bevan’s cellar are laid out. All of them, it transpires, are young men who suffered some sort of trauma before they died. There’s then a further gruesome discovery when more human remains are found in Unis and Joe’s bedroom. Returning to question Joe, Rachel asks him why his fingerprints are all over the inside of the cellar, and how blood from the victims is also on a mattress down there. He denies all knowledge and says he doesn’t know anything about it all.

Meanwhile, Janet and Rachel go back to the hotel where Helen is staying in witness protection and they knock on the door. They’ve tried calling her, but they’ve had no response. Wondering where she’s got to, they eventually manage to gain access to the hotel room and are shocked by what they find. Helen has taken an overdose and is lying unconscious on the bed. Janet immediately calls an ambulance, and doctors manage to revive her when she arrives at A&E.

Meanwhile, Rachel hasn’t been home to husband Sean for four days. He is starting to doubt their relationship, and demands that Rachel comes home that evening so that they can talk about what’s going on. When she gets in late that evening, she confesses to him that their marriage isn’t working and that she can’t live how they’re living.

Later, it’s revealed that the body found in the bedroom is confirmed to be that of Sheila’s, Helen’s sibling, who she presumed went missing years ago. Back in the interview, Joe begins crying. Rachel questions him as to what has made him upset, and his lawyer says that they need a break. On Rachel’s return, Joe’s lawyer explains that he’s prepared to give a statement about confessing to the murders of the young men.