Rachel is thrilled to hear that Tony is on his way back to Summer Bay. Tony returns clearly still miserable about the events of the last few weeks, but is delighted to learn that Rachel didn’t leave him at the altar, and the couple share an emotional reunion.

Uninterested in his first counselling session, Aden is more interested in finding out about Melody than talking about what happened to him. When Melody’s father sees Aden is staying at the clinic too, he asks him to stay away from his daughter as his presence could effect her recovery. Aden begins to learn more about Melody’s condition when she tells him she thinks she is evil because she prayed for Axel to die and her prayer seemed to come true.

Home from hospital, Nicole bonds with Roman over their traumas with Elliot, and Roman confides that he was the father of Martha’s baby. Meanwhile, Geoff is having a moral dilemma about sleeping with Nicole on the island, as Nicole is obviously keen to do it again. Roman suspects something is going on and suggests to Nicole that she take things slowly given Geoff’s inexperience with relationships. Convinced Geoff is about to dump her, Nicole is shocked by his sudden marriage proposal.

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