Henk injures his hand at Brad’s bucks party and the lads insist on having Rachel treat him. Rachel is left with no choice but to hide her agitation at being this close to Henk, and struggles to compose herself. Later, she spots what seems to be a moment of intimacy between Henk and Cassie, but manages to convince herself that she’s imagining it. But when she later walks Martha home, they discover Cassie and Henk in his bedroom in a state of undress, leaving Rachel shocked and horrified.

Meanwhile, Sally still feels uneasy about her wedding, but can’t bring herself to admit her doubts to Brad. This leaves her uncomfortable when her friends come to her hen night. And when her present of a mirror is shattered, she grows even more nervous.

Also, Martha admits to Jack that she tore up their divorce papers, leaving Jack demanding answers. Martha is forced to admit that she never wanted the divorce because she’s still in love with him, and asks a stunned Jack if he still has feelings for her. Jack hesitates, but eventually tells Martha it doesn’t matter how he feels, he’s with Sam now, and that’s all that matters.

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