Rachel changes her tune

Despite Rachel’s insistence that the meeting with Angus was accidental, Miranda is adamant Susan must be told. Reluctant Rachel begs to tell Susan herself, but Miranda is unsure whether Rachel can be trusted and informs Susan of the encounter. On the eve of Angus’s court hearing, Susan is determined to call the police but Rachel tries her best to convince Susan of her innocence.

Susan backs down but Rachel is forced to acknowledge the impact Angus has had on her family, and has a dramatic change of attitude during Angus’s sentencing, shocking both Susan and Angus when she makes a victim impact statement in court, showing she now views her affair with Angus as inappropriate and hurtful to her family.

Annoyed after spotting Dan going through her handbag to count her medication, Dan realises how much pain he has caused her. After much soul-searching, Dan commits to their relationship, promising not to interpret all of Samantha’s actions through her illness.

Rebecca disciplines Declan by banning him from playing football and attending the upcoming school formal. When Declan defies her by turning up to footy training, Steve intervenes and manages to help Rebecca dish out some more effective punishment.

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