Sienna quits the band when Logan makes a pass at her. In a desperate effort to get Rachel on board for a vital performance, Ty lies to Logan that he no longer has feelings for Rachel, telling him she is high maintenance and damaged goods after her affair with Angus. Rachel is devastated after she overhears him but takes the stage anyway. Later, she confronts Ty with what she heard, but is touched when he reveals he lied to get her in the band and admits he still has feelings for her.

Matt orders Ringo and Donna to keep the accident secret, but Ringo is outraged by his cover-up. Lucas confronts Donna and begs her to come forward about what really happened but Donna defends her father. When Elle realises that something is going on, she offers Lucas her help in persuading Donna to do the right thing. She tells Donna that the Parkers will be relieved to know what really happened with the hit and run accident and that her dad will not stop loving her if she confesses. Will Donna come clean?