Rachel deals with Henk’s arrival

Rachel is shocked when Henk turns up on the doorstep and is annoyed she missed the chance to tell Brad that Henk once forced himself on her during a trip to Fiji. What’s worse is that Brad seems very keen to push Henk and Rachel together as a couple. Henk tries to reassure Rachel he’s a changed man, but Rachel tells him that doesn’t change what he did.

Leah is adamant that Rachel should still tell Brad, but Rachel doesn’t want to throw a dark shadow over the wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Cassie and Martha are quite taken by Henk, with Martha grateful for his support over her troubles with the Jack and Sam situation. Later, Leah worries when she sees Henk and Martha heading up to Martha’s Diner Apartment and lets a horrified Rachel know what’s happening.

Martha is trying hard to come to terms with Sam and Rory being back in town and appearing so happy together with Jack. She has to come to terms with the fact that she and Jack won’t be having a reconciliation and cope with Sam asking Jack to break what Sam considers to be his co-dependent relationship with Martha. Is it too late for Martha to tell Jack how she feels?