Rachel faces the hospital attacker!

After reading the dodgy notes left on her car, Rachel is feeling increasingly jumpy and with good reason – someone is watching her from outside. Later, after a shift at the hospital, Rachel gets a lift home. But as Reverend Hall escorts her to her front door, he attacks her and forces her inside…

Dom collapses in The Diner and Belle takes him to hospital where his condition deteriorates. Later, Drew is unimpressed to know learn that Dom is still alive and that he went to Belle for help. Belle warns Drew to stay away but when she returns to the hospital, she walks in on Drew threatening Dom.

Belle sends Drew packing, only to have Dom ask her to tell him she loves him before he goes off to theatre for emergency surgery. But when Drew overhears Belle complying with Dom’s request, he’s furious. Belle and Drew are still arguing when Belle gets a call from Rachel about Dom. Has he survived the surgery?

Irene is annoyed when Roman tells a homeless man, Miles Copeland, to meet him behind The Diner for a decent meal. Miles asks Roman where Sally Fletcher lives and Roman reveals the address. What does Miles want?

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