The Dingles and co are assembled in court where Rachel’s due to take to the stand having ‘confessed’ to starting the Home Farm fire. When the cleaner fails to appear, all hell breaks loose. Jai, for one, is furious. Wanting to know where Rachel has gone with their son, he turns on her sister Ali, who’s struggling to keep quiet knowing Rachel has been framed. When Debbie tells Sam that Charity and Declan have gone off on a business trip, he’s even more convinced they’ve had a hand in his fiancee’s disappearance – and Debbie’s starting to secretly agree with him.

At the factory, Priya wangles Leyla an interview. Despite Alicia and David’s reluctance, she’s determined to stay on in the village. Expecting to talk about what she could bring to the job, Leyla’s offended when Nicola turns on her, suggesting Priya’s using her new bessie to get back at David.

Pollard is devastated over his problems with Val, who is similarly upset. With Diane going away, Val feels she’ll be left alone when she needs her sister most.