Rachel’s concern for Tony grows. In the middle of the night she realises he’s disappeared, and then he comes home drunk. He tells her that Lucas finally got in touch but won’t be coming home soon. When Rachel finds out Tony has lied about a text message he received, she checks his phone. She sees a message from someone called Belinda – who is she and why is she texting Tony?

Leah listens to the students’ ideas on how to use Dan’s life insurance donation, on the anniversary of his death. Theo and Helen are there, and her brother Chris assures her they will behave themselves. Trey’s idea of an outdoor trek wins the vote. Leah is delighted. His words are so inspirational that Helen and Theo decide to try again. Geoff is angry when Nicole flirts with Trey and votes for Trey’s idea over his. Nicole is offended – will Geoff ever be able to accept her as she is?

Melody’s grandmother suffers another stroke and dies. Melody’s in a dilemma about whether to go to New Zealand with Christine. She thinks she should build bridges with her mother, and decides she will go after all. Miles is supportive and Melody’s friends gather to say goodbye.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 13*

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