On the anniversary of Beth’s death, Matilda, Ric, Tony and Rachel all sit at her memorial reminiscing about her life. Meanwhile, Tony worries that Matilda may get upset about his intimacy with Rachel. But, later in the day, after talking to her, he’s reassured when she tells him it’s time to move on, and gives him and Rachel her blessing. With this, Tony is spurred into action and sets the wedding date, leaving Rachel thrilled.

Morag is disappointed to hear that Ross has left town, but after a chat with Irene she realises she shouldn�t give up without a fight. Later, she is pleasantly surprised when Ross arrives at her house to invite her out fishing, telling her he doesn�t want to forget her.

Bartlett isn�t happy to see Nicole arrive at school in an altered school uniform. Nicole is pleased when Geoff accepts her offer of kissing lessons and the pair spend their lunch hour together. When Melody sees them leaving a classroom together, she guesses they�ve been kissing and her jealousy over Geoff and Nicole’s relationship grows.

Meanwhile, Jazz blackmails Bartlett into ignoring Nicole’s shortened dress, reminding Bartlett that she saw him at an illegal fight.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday June 24*

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