Bridget discovers Donna is in possession of a letter from Angus – sent from prison – which is addressed to Rachel. Donna tells Bridget she hasn’t given it to Rachel yet as she wants to protect her. The girls end up deciding to hand the letter over. But emotional Rachel feels too scared to open it.

Meanwhile, Susan is oblivious that Rachel has received any correspondence from Angus. Feeling guilty, Rachel debates whether to tell her the truth, while Zeke informs her that if she doesn’t tell Susan, then he will. Later, after looking through her box of memories from Angus, and remembering the last time she saw him in court, Rachel finally decides to open the letter…

Libby and Steph are still at odds after their argument over Toadie. But it seems both aren’t experts when it comes to love, with Libby making a fool of herself in front of Dan during an exercise class. Then Steph cuddles up to Toadie when he takes her home, offering to buy him dinner.

However, she soon realises she’s overstepped the mark when he intimates he is now an item with Nicola, who is left feeling bemused.