Rachel tells Justin that the blood on his shirt belonged to his father, Larry. Aden covers for Justin, saying he spoke to his dad yesterday. One phone call to the prison tells Aden that Larry was paroled, but has since vanished. They discover Justin signed Larry out, but, still suffering from amnesia, Justin prays he didn’t do anything bad. The boys go out to the crash site and find the body of their dead father.

Alf and Marilyn ask Miles who he was talking to. Miles insists that talking to yourself is perfectly normal. But Rabbit advises him to come clean, so he tells Alf and Marilyn that he’s talking to the ghost of his daughter Amber, also known as Rabbit. Miles explains that after the Christmas Party he woke up on the beach and saw her. Alf hopes Rachel can help but Miles is firm. Rabbit is real to him and no drugs or therapy will change that.

Romeo and Annie continue rehearsing. The subject of his sister Mink comes up. Romeo reveals that Mink went to prison for killing their step dad, but she was innocent. Romeo tells Annie how guilty he felt at running away from his family when they needed him most.

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