Rachel and Tony bump into Joe’s dad Dane and are horrified to be told that Joe is dead. Rachel is inconsolable, and blames herself for letting Dane take Joe back. She then turns on Tony for not letting her take legal custody of Joe.

Belle worries when she gets a call from the development site saying Aden has had an accident. She rushes off, but when she gets to the site, nobody knows anything about it. Pleased to know Aden is OK, Belle returns home, only to find the blueprints missing and realises the call was just a ploy to get her out of her house so the developers could steal them back.

Belle then gets a call warning her to back off, or she and her boyfriend will be hurt. Assuming they mean Aden, she tells him to tell his work colleagues she is dropping the case.

Miles is looking forward to a night alone with Kirsty, when they are interrupted by a call from Trish at The Sands, who has a job for her. Kirsty tells Miles they need her desperately, but doesn’t mention what the job is. But Kirsty is shocked when her date for the hospital benefit turns out to be Martin Bartlett.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday December 4*