*Episode one*

Priya lashes out at Rachel with her tongue – and Rachel hits back with a slap! Priya’s arguing with David when Rachel interrupts and it’s all too much for her… Who does Rachel think she is? Priya’s quick to tell Rachel exactly who she thinks she is: a gold digger who thinks she’s struck it rich by tricking Rishi into getting her pregnant. Rachel slaps her to shut her up and then Alicia interrupts, trying to calm things down. It’s too late for that, though. Priya is near-hysterical and slaps Alicia! Now, Alicia’s still on probation and could be in all sorts of trouble if she hits back, so David stops her. Now Priya’s mad at him – he’s not supposed to care what happens to Alicia but it’s all too clear that he does care.

Nikhil cares deeply about Gennie. Yes, he’s a starchy kind of bloke, who buttons up his emotions most of the time. But not where Gennie’s concerned. So when she tells him that Cameron threatened her he’s quick to put Cameron in his place. Gennie tells Chas about Cameron’s threatening behaviour, too – and Cameron hears her!

All Brenda cares about right now is getting her results from the hospital. She’s had the surgery and is hoping for good news – but it’s not as good as she hoped for.