Rachel: I’m sorry Hugh, it’s over!

Rachel wakes up in Hugh’s bed after a night of passion. She’s devastated to have betrayed Kim, and copes by avoiding him. But she still has to face Hugh at work and agrees to meet at his apartment after hours to discuss what happened the previous night.

Once alone, Hugh tells Rachel how much he loves her and that he can give her everything she wants. Rachel doesn’t deny her feelings for him but asks for time to decide what to do. Hugh is devastated when Rachel returns later to reveal that she’s going to give her marriage another go.

Since Matilda told him that Kit was in love with him, Kim has been trying to avoid Kit. But when they meet up to take Archie to the clinic, they are forced to talk. Kit confirms to Kim how she feels, and Kim reveals he has confused feelings for her too.

Kit sees that he’s not completely sure about his feelings for her, so tells him to stay with Rachel, and resolves to move to the city with Archie and get on with her life.

With Lucas still giving Tony a hard time, Ric gets on his case and eventually Lucas makes up with his dad.