Rachel is furious

In the wake of Bridget’s betrayal and after being found hiding out at Taylah’s house, a bitter and angry Rachel attacks Declan for ‘following Bridget everywhere’. Already resenting Susan for speaking to Angus behind her back, Rachel’s fury escalates when she returns home to find her room ransacked. Rachel lays into Susan with a damning assessment of Susan’s failed relationships.

Carmella tells Marco she made a mistake in dumping him, and he happily confirms he’s coming home to her. Oliver is torn by the news and asks Marco’s sister Mia whether she was serious about Marco still being in love with his ex-wife Marissa. When Mia confirms this, Oliver is forced to make a decision whether to play the bad guy and tell Carmella what he knows or keep quiet so she can enjoy her fairytale reunion.

Bridget reassures Declan that she knows they’re just friends. However, she’s frustrated when Declan sarcastically tells her he has enough friends. After confiding her irritation to Ringo about how stubborn Declan is, she’s given food for thought when Ringo pointedly asks what is stopping her and Declan from getting together.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 1*

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