Rachel is quizzed by the police

Rachel is outraged that Karl and Susan are treating her like a kid after the school scandal. During a police interview, Susan and Karl are shocked when Rachel is forced to give intimate details about the adult nature of her relationship with Angus. But when Rachel reveals she instigated the relationship and aggressively pursued it, Karl and Susan question how well they know their step-daughter, and Susan decides she needs to ask Angus for help.

Rebecca confronts Paul for betraying her traumatic past to Karl and keeping the discovery of Richard from her. Rebecca confronts Karl to see if he has disclosed her secret to anyone, but Karl helps her see that her anger isn’t about Paul, but about the 20 years she’s wasted running from Richard. Rebecca realises she can help Declan with his unresolved anger, but doesn’t manage to persuade an angry Declan to attend Richard’s funeral.

Elle returns to the Erinsborough News, but she and Riley’s work and personal relationship takes a turn for the worse when Riley accuses her of being heartless for pursuing Rachel’s story. Elle is further embarrassed when editor Brad asks her to make a choice between her career and having a relationship.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 24*

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