Rachel has apologised to Tony for her blow up, and says she just needs to rest. Rachel, Tony and Harry have a barbeque lunch together, not noticing they are being watched from a distance by Jane. Rachel later spots Jane, who is clearly not in her right mind, accusing Rachel of being a bad mother. Rachel tells Jane to stay away from her family.

Ruby tries to talk to Charlie about the baby but Charlie isn’t forthcoming. Charlie asks Angelo over to talk. She admits she became pregnant because she was raped by her first boyfriend when she was a teenager. Angelo says he still loves Charlie and asks if they can go out again. Charlie joyously accepts. Ross is talking to Morag about Charlie’s pregnancy and lets slip that the baby didn’t die – it was adopted.

A nervous Kirsty starts her first day at uni. She is assigned to a study group with three other students and Kirsty suggests they go back to her place. The study session starts to become a bit raucous and Miles asks them to keep it down. But they still keep being noisy and eventually Miles asks the students to leave. Kirsty can’t believe Miles embarrassed her like that and they have an argument.

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