Rachel jogs Zeke’s memory

The police take Phil Andrews to the police station for questioning, however Zeke is really confused and doesn’t know who Karl and Susan are. He is taken to hospital where he is diagnosed with a disorder in which victims of trauma lose their sense of identity.

Libby tells Rachel that Zeke has been found, but she doesn’t reveal too much to Rachel and says they need to keep away from Zeke for the moment. However, Rachel refuses to stay away and goes straight to the hospital. When Zeke sees Rachel a part of his memory returns and he acknowledges her as someone close to him.

Bridget and Rachel are being followed by a strange car and Bridget thinks it might be some crazed fan of Rachel K’s. When they get home, Steve tells them someone keeps ringing and hanging up.

Despite a last minute male stripper cancellation, Rebecca’s fundraiser is a raging success. Steph and Rebecca beg Ty to stand in as their entertainer and he finds himself in a position where he can’t say no. Will he be able to boot-scoot?

When Zeke turns up unexpectedly, it becomes clear to everyone he is in no mood for celebration. He doesn’t recognise anyone, not even Declan or Bridget.

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