Rachel goes to pay a bill and discovers there’s no money in the savings account. Tony is cagey, saying he juggled money between accounts to pay staff wages. Rachel realises Tony hasn’t paid himself in over a month. Tony comes clean: the gym isn’t doing well. After her post-natal depression he didn’t want to worry her. Rachel says she’ll take extra shifts at the hospital.

Charlie confronts Ruby after her hypoglycaemic attack. Ruby tells her she didn’t want Charlie to worry and she knew Charlie was visiting Ross yesterday. Charlie wants Ruby to move back home, but Ruby refuses. Charlie keeps turning up at the apartment uninvited, and cooks and cleans. If Ruby won’t come home, she’ll move in with her and Geoff. Ruby’s appalled but Charlie’s adamant.

Leah discovers that VJ’s unlocked the security blocks on the Diner’s computers, and allowed kids access to adult sites. Romeo realises VJ is being bullied by Riley. Leah and Miles visit Riley’s father, Ian, who thinks they should toughen VJ up with karate or boxing classes. Miles tells Riley to keep away from VJ, but Riley lets VJ know that he’ll get both VJ and Miles, and then sets out to make good on his threat.

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