Rachel is loving every minute of playing ‘mum’ to baby Joe, while worried Kim reminds her that they only agreed to take care of him for one night. At the hospital, Rachel discovers foster parents haven’t yet been found for Joe, and the DOCS officer asks Rachel to look after him for a couple more days.

As Rachel gathers up baby Joe’s belongings to hand him back, the DOCS officer arrives and mentions that Joe will be looked after by a few carers for a while. Rachel hates this idea and vows to keep baby Joe after all.

Later, when Kim arrives home, he’s thrown to find baby Joe still there. And he’s further shocked when Rachel announces she wants them to adopt the baby!

Elsewhere, Colleen begins preparations for the Christmas Pageant and Alf grumpily turns up in his moth-eaten Santa suit. Then Colleen gets the sudden news that Debbie’s fallen ill meaning and she’s needed to help Lance look after Maggie. But this doesn’t mean that the Pageant is over, and Colleen leaves everyone a list of instructions and chores.

Also, Jack nervously prepares to head home from the hospital.

*Screened on RTE on Tuesday, March 13*