Rachel loses her baby

Lewis is unimpressed at the news that Rachel is pregnant, leaving Rachel disheartened, but still determined to have the baby. But when she’s hit by an agonising attack of nausea, Rachel realises there’s something wrong with the baby. Lewis returns and explains he wants them to live together but just isn’t ready for a baby. Rachel informs him he doesn’t have to worry – she’s had a miscarriage.

Jack pressures Martha into coming to the wedding, until she is forced to reveal that Sam doesn’t want her at the bash. Jack is angry that Sam didn’t talk to him about it which prompts her to accuse Martha of trying to cause tension before the wedding. Martha later explains she wants to go to the wedding, to see Jack happy, but Sam refuses to believe her.

After picking up Sam’s wedding dress, Jack arrives at Michael’s to talk about his parole. However, as Jack drives away, he hits Scruffy the dog. Martha offers to hold onto the wedding dress until he returns from getting the dog help. Meanwhile, Sam decides to set things right with Martha, but is shocked when she arrives to find Martha trying on her wedding dress.

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