Rachel tells Tony that to get more from life you have to make sacrifices, but Tony thinks he’s the only one being asked to make a sacrifice here. Rachel gives herself two days to convince Tony to come with her, but then the deadline for her decision is brought forward. She tells a shell-shocked Tony that she’s accepted the offer.

Indi asks Romeo to teach her how to surf, and he immediately thinks of Annie. He shuts down and Indi’s confused. Romeo confesses he’s still struggling with reminders of Annie and Indi tells him to get over it. Later, Romeo spots Indi asking a hunky surfer for lessons. He doesn’t like the thought of that and tells Indi that he will coach her.

Leah’s depression over the loss of Elijah is affecting her work. She hasn’t slept in days and is burning food and creating extra work for everybody. Irene tells her to go home before she falls down, but she refuses.

Irene calls in Miles, who takes Leah for a walk. He tells her there’s nothing he can say to take away the pain she’s feeling, but he can give her a hug. Leah accepts and finally gives way to tears.

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