Rachel moves on from Angus

Rachel and Ty get too passionate too quickly and Rachel pulls away, realising she is not ready for another serious relationship. At the same time, she does feel ready to move on from Angus and puts away his ring before explaining her feelings to Ty. She is relieved when Ty promises to take things slowly.

After lashing out at Steve, Nicola lays sedated overnight in hospital, but Miranda prioritises her sister’s recovery over her husband’s suspicions. When Miranda insists on bringing Nicola back into the Parker house, Steve plays Nicola at her own game, feigning kindness in front of Miranda but goading her when they are alone. Determined to win the love of her sister, Nicola realises that Steve is the only thing standing between her and a new life with Miranda.

Elle encourages Donna to win back Ringo, suggesting Donna places herself in his orbit so he can’t ignore her. Meanwhile Donna can no longer hide the fact that her dad has abandoned her and Elle tries to make her realise she needs a family to look after her. But Elle is stunned when Donna later turns up on her doorstep.

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