Rachel is frantic when baby Harry disappears and immediately suspects Jane, demanding that Charlie confronts her. However, Jane and her husband, Rex, convince both Charlie and the police of their innocence. Rachel starts to lash out at Martha and Hugo for leaving Harry unattended, and then at Tony for his apparently unemotional reaction. But with no other suspects in the picture, the couple are left wondering desperately who has their child.

Hugo is confronted by Gibbsy, who wants his payment for the abalone. Hugo refuses to pay, but Gibbsy threatens him and Martha, leaving Hugo with no choice but to tell the police everything. However, just as he’s about to call, he’s arrested by Angelo, who’s initially unconvinced by Hugo’s story.

Aden is still in a daze following Belle’s death – he won’t speak to anyone, and he’s drinking constantly. He tries to pick a fight with Alf at the Surf Club when Alf refuses to serve him any more alcohol. Gibbsy steps in and offers Aden a chance to work on the boat – the only catch is he’ll be involved in the illegal abalone operation.

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