Rachel’s touched when Ali comes over with their mum’s wedding dress for her to try on. Having got engaged to Sam at Christmas, it’s time for the couple to think about making wedding plans.

Released from the cells, the sisters return to the strip club to collect Leyla’s belongings. It’s a bad scene as the bouncer accuses them of stealing cash as they make their exit. Back in the village, their excitement at getting home is snuffed out by David. He doesn’t want his ex staying – even for a day. Will his wife be able to turf her sister out on to the streets?

As Sam wonders whether Declan might be trying to frame him for causing the Home Farm fire, he confides in Charity! Having masterminded the entire set up in a bid to get Rachel and baby Archie away from Emmerdale and save arsonist Declan’s skin, the businesswoman tries to put him off the scent. Squashing his theory, Charity suggests Sam does a runner with Rachel and the kids.