Rachel reels from a racist murder

Janet finally faces the interview with Geoff Hastings, for which she’s been preparing for months, and learns much more than she bargained for, while Rachel and the rest of the team investigate the brutal, racially motivated murder of a 21-year-old taxi driver.

Angry and upset about missing her sergeant’s exam, and about the fact that Nick Savage is not being charged with her attempted murder, Rachel gets drunk with Janet. After a big night out, Janet puts Rachel to bed, and we see guilty Dom look after her. He’s appalled by the state she’s in – he isn’t used to seeing her so vulnerable.

Later, Sean rings Rachel to say he’s booked the register office. It’s all a bit of a daft joke, but at the same time he does appear to be serious about it. At a time when Rachel’s inner demons are giving her hell, she’s made to realise that Sean’s relentless cheerfulness does make her smile.

Andy tries to talk to Janet, but as far as she’s concerned she’s stated her case and he should accept that. But when she gets home, Andy’s there, ingratiating himself with her mother and Elise. Janet’s amazed that he’s not listening to what she’s saying. She tells him she finds his behaviour threatening and will tell Gill if he doesn’t start to get the message.