Rachel returns from Karitane and Tony is determined to look after her. He tries to do everything for her but this stresses her out. Rachel tells Leah she thinks the root of the problem is she needs to recognise her strengths and weaknesses. Rachel has figured out what she wants to do now and eventually she tells Tony – she wants to go back to work.

Annie can’t stop reading the poem. Romeo is wracked with guilt over having given the poem to her and is avoiding talking to Jai about Annie. Annie tries to strike up a conversation with Romeo but he shuts it down.

A girl going on student exchange to Japan pulls out, leaving the way open for one of two candidates – Jai and Annie. Neither are sure if they want to go now – Jai because of Annie, Annie because of Romeo…

Jai admits to Kirsty and Miles that he still likes Annie and they encourage him to talk to her. She flirts with Romeo at a surf lesson but he is cold. Annie confronts him about it and about the poem, but he denies it. Then he starts flirting back – and they are seen by Jai. Jai is angry but Romeo is oblivious.