Rachel reunites with Angus

As Rachel continues to struggle with the thought of Angus’s upcoming sentencing, she discovers him in the school and they talk for the first time since the scandal broke, with Rachel telling him why she hasn’t written her victim impact statement. But when a shocked Miranda and Steve spot them together, the scandal looks like breaking out again…

When Samantha hides how hurt she is after seeing Dan and Libby’s intimate dancing with some obviously forced happiness, Dan suspects her mental illness is back. Meanwhile, feeling guilty about her feelings for Dan, Libby becomes complicit in his lie to Samantha.

When Steph gives her a reality check and recommends staying away from him, Libby ends the dance classes with Dan who apologises for putting her in a difficult position. Later, Samantha catches Dan checking her handbag to see if she’s still taking her medication.

Karl encourages Taylah’s dad Brad to listen to Zeke’s point of view, but Brad brings up Rachel’s relationship with Angus and uses it to accuse Karl of poor parenting.

Also, Bridget and Ringo’s newfound romance provides a challenge to protective Steve and Riley.

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