Rachel reveals her new look

Donna encourages Elle to write an article on Rachel’s rise to fame. Elle agrees and organises a photoshoot for the Erinsborough News. Rachel’s friends are shocked to see the transformation, especially Bridget, and even more shocked when Rachel starts displaying some particularly ‘diva’ qualities.

Karl and Susan are outraged by the photos and confront Rachel for not telling them what she was doing. The confrontation is interrupted when Karl gets a call from the police; they think they have found Zeke and he needs to be identified at the hospital.

Libby defends Steph when Veronica keeps up her attack outside Charlie’s Bar. But Libby doesn’t think it’s enough to restore their friendship and backs off. Steph notices Greg may be having second thoughts about leaving his wife and when Toadie bumps into Greg at the gym, Greg tells him to hold fire on the divorce settlement.

Veronica turns up at Steph’s house asking if she can talk to Greg. She wants Greg to give their marriage another shot and Steph agrees and asks him to leave in favour of his marriage. However, the following day Greg turns up telling Steph he doesn’t want to go back to his past life, he wants to start a new one with her.

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