Rachel runs to Angus

Rachel seeks refuge at Angus’ apartment but is heartbroken when Angus turns her away, convincing her that he never loved her. Meanwhile, as Susan blames herself for mishandling the situation, Karl announces that Rachel is missing. Susan and Karl search for her, but a distressed Rachel has left Erinsborough, and without cash or friends, has to fend for herself.

Elle tries to get more information from Karl about the missing Rachel but Karl refuses to give her any more tabloid fodder. Elsewhere, when Josh confronts Bridget about spending too much time with Declan, Bridget suggests they should just be friends.

Ben and Mickey hatch a plan to get Janae to move back in with Ned, but Janae won’t commit. Later, Janae tries to fix things between Mickey and Ben after catching them fighting over the reason Darren left town, but only makes matters worse.

She tries to make sure Ben understands that Darren was not to blame by being honest about what happened. But Ben misunderstands and gets upset, prompting Libby to be furious with Janae for telling her son about Darren’s betrayal.

Also, Oliver learns that Marco may still have feelings for his ex-wife.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 28*

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