After watching a band with Rachel, Ty is hassled by over-zealous groupie Donna, prompting Rachel to pretend that she and Ty are a couple. And Donna finally gets the message when Rachel kisses Ty right in front of her.

Rebecca is shattered to hear the news of Paul’s infidelity from Susan which is then confirmed by Elle. Elle tries to defend her dad by saying he only had a one-night stand with Kirsten, but Rebecca won’t believe her. Paul professes his love for her but Rebecca tells him he isn’t good enough for her or her sons and packs her bags.

Meanwhile, Declan and Oliver are stunned to learn that Elle knew about Paul’s affair with Kirsten and Oliver dumps her, while Declan voices his disgust to Paul. Meanwhile, Lyn and Steph are relieved to hear from Elle that Paul is not going to the police about Lyn’s blackmail attempt.

Later, Elle lays into Susan for ruining her family’s chances of happiness before Paul blames her for betraying him to Rebecca. Furious Elle orders him out of her house.

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